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Innovative testing solutions that demonstrate ROI

ThincGlobalSoft is at the forefront of creating customized solutions keeping in mind the needs and business objectives of clients across the world. Our solutions cover a wide array of technological platforms namely SAP, client server applications and eCommerce. On the eCommerce front, ThincGlobalSoft delivers specialized testing skills on industry standard products. We possess years of expertise in providing end-to-end testing engagements for the entire life cycle of SAP implementation and client server applications.

  • Integration/Systems Testing
    By employing base-lined specification documents and related project records, we build cases, test conditions, scripts, scenarios and test data guidelines that are needed to take full coverage of the application’s functionality. This process is followed by efficient test execution which makes use of simulated data in a controlled test ecosystem. Pre-determined test start/exit and defect management ensure completion of test within the given time frame.
  • User Acceptance Testing

    Our domain expertise helps us guide customers from the Requirement Definition stage, to managing their user acceptance testing module. Our Black Box approach helps customers produce end-to-end business scenarios in order to identify critical defects. Test beds are created wherever needed using in-house applications to replicate large pockets of data.

  • Performance Testing

    We have utilized our technical skills and domain knowledge to notch up a good track record of successful projects in Performance Testing, helping customers remove bottlenecks in their applications before regular use and release to production.

  • Regression Test Suite Creation

    Our Regression Test Suite is executed while testing the enhancements to make sure that any alteration to the code doesn’t change the current functionality. The execution of Regression Test Suite is executed either manually or through an automated tool, enabling our customers to bring down timelines and overall maintenance testing costs.

  • Product Assurance and On-going Release Testing

    ThincGlobalSoft engages with product organizations to manage and run comprehensive test suites to make sure that every product release complies with stated features, requirements, and remains defect free.

  • Automation Testing

    ThincGlobalSoft joins forces with its customers, comprehends their business and recommends the exact automation strategy. We then bring in the automate processes at the right stages in the software development cycle. Our test automation services are craftily integrated around each and every phase of the development life cycle.

  • Data Warehouse Testing

    Our testing modules are designed to house changing data-warehouse schema which arise from evolving business needs. Our structured and unique approach to data-warehouse testing runs parallel with development to nullify data anomalies before they reach production.

  • Security Testing

    ThincGlobalSoft helps its customers to secure product and applications from vulnerabilities. Our teams’ adeptness in security testing helps customers address security concerns across any vertical.

  • Mobile Testing

    We understand the unique testing needs of emerging mobile solutions segment, and leverage our QA expertise to provide stable and mature mobile testing solution offerings which encompass all key facets of mobile testing needs.

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